An Exhausting Pursuit of Exhaustion:
One Curtain / One Thread / One Hundred Thousand Knots

The exhausting pursuit of exhaustion, through the use of hyperbolic repetition, is a powerful tool for breaching thresholds of understanding and exposing unexpected possibilities within tired narratives. It does so by extending processes - creating a protracted period of transformation that dissolves the expectation of an end result.

This essay explores the use of exhaustion in transforming a discarded familial curtain that was destined for landfill, into a durational act of sabotage against the rigours of productive expectation. By transforming the curtain through a highly durational process of undoing and reordering the thread, it creates a drawn out interplay of body, cloth and time during which the traditional expectations of value and time fall away and alternative possibilities emerge. In exhaustion there is possibility.

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