my favourtie red jumper
Two Sleeves And A Body

In two sleeves and a body, a new narrative emerges for a beloved object, a knitted red jumper, through physical transformation. The transformation begins by exploring the form of the jumper in the absence of a body. By removing this defining context the object changes in scale and dimension, becoming a line, an island, a border.

The jumper is then unraveled, transforming it from a surface to a thread. As it is rewound around new forms, the red thread maps the connection between seemingly unrelated objects. Through a repetitive, performative process of unraveling and winding, the jumper become a unit of measurement - one sleeve / one thread / one chair / one hundred and fifty six rotations / one thousand five hundred and sixty steps. The units of measurement which occur while measuring the actions and objects in relation to each other become the jumper’s new narrative.

Despite the jumper’s defining context, the body, being misplaced, and its surface being reduced to a thread, the memory of the knitted body remains in a ghostly capacity. Through an installation and a film showcasing the repetitive performance process, the work challenges the boundaries and endurance of an object’s identity.